Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mini review of "The 4-hour work week" by Timothy Ferris

I came across this book as I was looking for material before having a inspirational lecture about mathematics to new high school students. I ended up having a lecture of why you should embrace learning different things and the importance of knowing a little about most things in life. This is actually what Timothy Ferris was looking for when he decided to break out of his 9-5 traditional work as an employer ("slave" in his words) and start managing his own future. He wanted to work less, earn more and spend the extra time and money he had for traveling and enjoying life while he still was young and able to live it.

The book is a blue print on how to [D]efine your goals in life ("dreamlines"), [E]liminate time wasting and start focusing on realizing those goals (by using Pareto's principle and Parkinson's law), [A]utomate your business (by using outsourcing and the wonders of computers) and [L]iberating yourself from current work and the life you are living.

I really liked the book: It gave me a kick in the butt to start focusing on progressing towards my most important goals. Even though the internet business modell is perfect for people having a big home market, many of the tips are quite transferrable to everyone wanting to start up something new.

I am not dreaming about traveling the world throughout my life anymore, but I still would prefer having more time for hobbies and family. I think this book gave me gigant leaps towards achieving this.