Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Prototype #4 penny alcohol stove

Even though I bought the trangia+omnifuel, I still want to be able to make a simple field stove similar to the penny alcohol stove. If I only had the knowledge of how to make one when I was to the north earlier this summer I wouldn't have a problem preparing my own food. I felt like a leach when having to rely on other persons stoves to prepare a hot meal.

My fourth prototype was made using Heineken cans. I cut the fuel cup at the top of the can, justin front of where it starts to narrow. This is much longer than the original cup. I cut vertical sections stopping at the same place as the original cup using scissors. By folding these sections I thought it would be possible to use them as a pot stand while at the same time taking the best out of the design of the penny alcohol stove. Unfortunately this design was a bit flimsy.

The holes were made using a push-pin. I didn't bother to fold the burner section to fit the fuel cup and had no problems assembling them. The filler hole was made out of approximately 10 holes.

The test results were terrible. After the initial priming the flames extinguished. The only major difference I see from the designes used earlier is the small filler holes. I think it would have worked better if I made one big hole. Fortunately this can be done using the push-pin as well.