Thursday, July 21, 2005

Clean sheets - where do I begin?

I realise that weblogs have become sort of a fashion thing, so I have been quite reluctant to create my own blog. So why am I here? And where do I begin?

I have been missing a place to write down my thoughts and write down inforation that usually get lost durning time, but I am not sure if this will be the solution. It can't become a diary after all - that would be way too personal. And it can't become a place for important info - that would be too risky. The important thing is that it is available for me at web and that it is accesible wherever I am. I am not sure if this site would be interesting to others than myself.

After consulting with Arnstein and my brother I am starting with blogger. This seems to be the easiest solution for me. I don't want to waste much time tinkering with making fancy layouts - I have been there and know it takes plenty of time. I earlier realised that Blogger is a google company, which sets the standard I think. The connection with Picasa makes it also much easier to transfer pictures.

Which language should I write in? A key question.. English is the standard and would be possible for others than my norwegian friends to read. I earlier stated in this post that the blog would probably not be interesting to others than myself and I should thus write in norwegian. I am not sure yet - my first post (this) is in english, the next might be in norwegian.

The important thing - I am here!